Monthly Archives: December 2017

Lazy Winter Days

The holidays have almost come and gone. Pretty soon we’ll be back to work and school. Right now, though, and for the past couple of days, I’ve been enjoying sitting out in our reading room by the fire, reading, and doing a little writing. It’s been wonderful.  The weather has been something else. It’s been […]

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I Love Star Wars

I suppose this is the time to confess that I am a Star Wars fangirl. I love all of it: the movies (okay, some more than others, obviously), the books, the comics, the TOYS. Oh man, the toys! In the picture below you see one of my all-time favorite machines: the glorious AT-AT Imperial Walker. […]

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Lift Gets Launch Date

You know your dream of having your book published is getting real when a book store agrees to hold your launch party. The Book Nook & Java Shop in Montague, MI, has graciously agreed to host Lift’s party, and I couldn’t be happier! I’m already working on giveaways and promotional items for it. I hope […]

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